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canada lynx in Western Montana and glacier national park

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Canada Lynx Discover Western Montana’s Canada Lynx

Discover Western Montana’s Canada Lynx

Noted for their dense, silvery grayish-brown fur, elusive Canada lynx are medium-sized cats with long legs and short, compact bodies. Making their home largely in the western half of Montana, Canada lynx are non-migratory. Canada lynx typically make their homes in subalpine forests that generally receive moderately deep snowfall. Solitary, secretive animals, lynx are usually active at night and take care to avoid large openings. Lynx usually feed on snowshoe hare as well as rodents and birds. They will occasionally kill larger animals like deer. For more, visit Montana Field Guide.

The Peak of Adventure

Yellowstone is more than a park. In Montana, it’s a whole country—an entire ecosystem that doesn’t stop where the park ends. Venture north of the park and find the Yellowstone adventure you had in mind.

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News from Glacier National Park Currently, 29 miles of the Going-to-the-Sun Road are open for travel.

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