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black bears in Western Montana and glacier national park

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Black Bears Discover Western Montana’s Black Bears

Discover Western Montana’s Black Bears

Black bears aren't always black. They can range from black to brown and blond to cinnamon. They have a straight snout, with their highest point being at the rump instead of the shoulders (like a grizzly). A male black bear weighs between 180 and 250 pounds, with some reaching up to 400 pounds. A female black bear typically weighs between 120 and 180 pounds. Black bears live on a diet of fruits, nuts, berries, insects, mammals and birds. They will also eat anything you leave around your campsite; be sure to read up on bear safety so you do not attract them to your area, and also use bear-proof containers. Generally, black bears favor solidarity, and when they're not hibernating, you'll find them in the mountains, though it's best to not seek them out. They can also climb trees very easily. For more, visit Montana Field Guide.

The Peak of Adventure

Yellowstone is more than a park. In Montana, it’s a whole country—an entire ecosystem that doesn’t stop where the park ends. Venture north of the park and find the Yellowstone adventure you had in mind.

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News from Glacier National Park Currently, 3 miles of the Going-to-the-Sun Road are open for travel.

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