deer in Western Montana and glacier national park


Discover Western Montana’s Deer

Discover Western Montana’s Deer

The smallest and most abundant animal in the deer/elk/moose family, Montana is home to both mule deer and white-tailed deer.

Mule deer earn their name from their large ears. Their coats are gray during winter and brown in the summer months. They have short, round tails with a black tip and their antlers fork and then fork again, usually leaving four tines on each side. Mule deer are more migratory than their white-tailed relatives. For more, visit Montana Field Guide.

White-tailed deer are noted for their large, white-bottomed tails that can be seen as they run away. Their coats are grayish brown in winter and reddish-brown during summer. White-tailed deer stay on a small home range and are mostly nocturnal and solitary. You'll find them along creeks and rivers, and don't be surprised if you see one or two hanging out around town; they're “comfortable” in their shared habitat. For more, visit Montana Field Guide.

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