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International Border Crossings Between the U.S. + Canada


International Border Crossings Crossing the United States/Canada Border Into Montana

Crossing the United States/Canada Border Into Montana

Our friends to the north: Montana and Canada share 13 active border crossings in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. For information on individual border crossings like border wait time between Montana and Canada—along with each port's hours of operation—visit

COVID-19 Information

To our friends in Canada wondering about crossing the U.S. border for a Montana visit: While we look forward to seeing you when the time is right, recreational visits are not permitted between the United States and Canada at this time. U.S./Canada ports are only allowing those engaged in essential travel to pass into the United States from Canada.* Numerous travel restrictions have been put in place at both U.S. and Canada ports. You can find more information about facemask requirements, reduced port hours, quarantine requirements, the definition of essential travel and more here.


Essential travel includes travel for work, trade, medical, military and education purposes. Nonessential travel includes things like recreation, shopping, visiting friends and family, etc. For more information on essential vs. nonessential travel between the United States and Canada during COVID-19, read more here.


Both the United States and Canada have reduced the operating hours of numerous border crossing ports between the two countries. Here's a link to Reduced Port Hours Along the U.S./Canada Border.


Both the United States and Canada are performing enhanced health screenings at all their ports of entry. You can find more information about these screenings here.

*At present, border crossings from Canada into Montana along the Blackfeet Reservation—Piegan and Del Bonita crossings—are not permitted for any traveler, both essential and nonessential.  

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When crossing the border, a current passport is required for all travelers. If you are crossing the border with minors, be sure to have notarized travel permission letters from their parents or legal guardians. If you are traveling solo with your children, be sure to bring a note of permission from the other parent. United States citizens under the age of 16 may use their birth certificate or naturalization certificate for travel between the United States and Canada.

United States-Canadian Border Crossing: For more information on Canada border crossings, visit For information on traveling to the United States, visit

Map of Montana's Border Crossings.

*Crossing only available by Waterton Lake boat tour or hiking trails.
**Crossing closes at the end of September and reopens mid-May.

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