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Tourism Pledge Pledge to Uphold the Wonder of Western Montana

Pledge to Uphold the Wonder of Western Montana

Nature is our most important asset. Pristine waterways, unspoiled landscapes, and that fresh mountain air we love so much—it's invaluable and should be treated as such. Take the Glacier Country Pledge, and promise to respect and cherish Montana's nature, wildlife, people and culture while you're here. Please also follow social distancing directives and other government directives during the COVID-19 crisis.

During the Unique COVID-19 Challenge, I Pledge to:

  • Adhere to Reopening Guidelines.
  • TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY: plan well, monitor and adjust, stay safe, be respectful, be kind, be patient and be prepared.
  • Continue to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Avoid crowded areas and peak recreation times in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Avoid outdoor recreation activities that pose enhanced risks of injury or could otherwise stress the ability of local first responders to address the COVID-19 emergency.
  • Remain abreast of CDC and Montana state recommendations for recreating in the area during this global challenge.

I Also Pledge to:

  • Explore Western Montana's Glacier Country responsibly, respecting the great outdoors—and the indoors, too.
  • Honor Montana's warm western hospitality by being friendly and courteous myself.
  • Respect the serenity and quietude of Western Montana's communities and wild places.
  • Help keep Montana's wildlife wild. I won't feed animals or invade their space, for their safety and the safety of myself and others. I will stay at least 100 yards (300 feet) away from bears and wolves and 25 yards (75 feet) away from bison, elk and other animals.
  • Help keep Montana's waters clean by complying with Montana's Aquatic Invasive Species laws and rules while boating, fishing and swimming in the region.
  • Take selfies in Montana's most instagram-worthy spots without disrupting wildlife and wild places, or endangering myself or others.
  • Tag responsibly. To keep the experience of discovery alive, while taking photos inside Glacier National Park I will not tag specific locations on social media, instead I will tag the location simply as Glacier National Park.
  • Be mindful of Western Montana's susceptibility to wildland fire and use the utmost care when dealing with fire, especially during the dry summer months. I will put out my campfires completely.
  • Leave no trace and pack out all my trash, including TP and canine waste, even things like fruit rinds, banana peels and cherry pits.
  • Get off the beaten path but stay on designated trails, respect private property, and use maps and GPS to avoid getting lost.
  • Only park in designated parking areas, respect the flow of traffic on Montana's highways, byways and backroads, and slow down on winter roads. I will follow the speed limit and slow down in construction zones and slow down or stop when around emergency incidents.  
  • Be prepared for unexpected and fast-changing weather conditions, no matter the season.

Take the pledge:

I give my consent to Glacier Country Tourism to collect and process my data in order for me to sign the pledge. (This data will be used solely to communicate about the Glacier Country Pledge.)

Please add me to the Western Montana's Glacier Country Email List
News from Glacier National Park Currently, 12.5 miles of the Going-to-the-Sun Road are open for travel.

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