Top 9 Questions Asked by Tour Operators
about Glacier National Park and Western Montana

Glacier Country Tourism representatives travel the U.S. meeting with domestic group tour operators. A lot of these operators have motorcoach tours that travel in and through the region, and others plan to put an itinerary together for either a preformed group or individuals and couples that would like to book a group tour to Glacier National Park and Montana as a bucket list destination. There are many tour operators who rely on suggested itineraries and the help of destination experts. We decided to gather the top nine most frequently asked questions from tour operators about Glacier National Park and Western Montana’s Glacier Country. Questions like: What will be left to see when the glaciers are gone from Glacier National Park? Find the answer here, along with answers to many more questions about the region. And, if we haven’t answered your specific questions, feel free to drop us a line. We are always available to talk about our favorite things that make Glacier National Park and Western Montana a fantastic tour destination.

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Find These Hidden Gems in Glacier Country

The fact of the matter is this: Montana is a big place. It’s roughly the geographic size of Germany, with still only one million people calling this massive—fourth largest in the U.S.—state home. What does that mean for groups and international travelers coming to visit? Be ready to experience wide-open prairies, snowcapped mountain peaks, rushing waterways and the biggest sky that you really have to see to believe. This question often comes up: Besides Glacier National Park, what are your favorite hidden gems in Western Montana? To help, we’ve rounded up the top 11 most amazing places in Western Montana’s Glacier Country that fall under the radar of most visitors. (We’d love to know if you’ve heard of or been to these places.) Some are off the beaten path or are considered hidden gems, but, if time allows, they should be added to your Montana travel itinerary. Places like The Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, Holland Lake and Falls and the Clearwater Canoe Trail. Find more hidden gems here.

Spotlight: Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

We have so many cherished locations in Western Montana. We often hear visitors say, “I had no idea this was here.” The Historical Museum at Fort Missoula is just one of those treasured sites. Located in Western Montana’s Glacier Country and just a few miles from the arts and culture hub of downtown Missoula, the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula welcomes nearly 50,000 visitors annually. It’s a spacious site, easy to navigate with stunning views of the Montana landscape, great educational exhibits and community-centered special events. In addition, the museum has many features that make it unique and a place not to be missed if you’re in the area. It took some time, but we narrowed the list down to reveal the Top 5 Hidden Gems to experience, or the “must see” of Fort Missoula’s rich history. One of the least known facts, but one that holds international significance, is that Fort Missoula was once a WWII alien detention center for Italian and Japanese men. Learn more here.

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